I'm back!

Hey! it's now 12 years on from when I made my first entry here back in 2004. Like most things, life has moved on and my brain power, which was never over remarkable, had lost all knowledge of what was done for the one and only page that was ever on my section of our family web site.

I must be one of the luckier 'older' generation these days, to have two sons that are both very computer literate, each in their own way and both, very tollerant, of their 'auld man' in his endeavours to work within what I would say, for me, is ground level in the creation stakes of the world wide web.

Kev is responsable for setting up a web site that one of my hobbies is related to, namely the Scottish Power Kite Association SPKA Between him and Simon, who now helps tremendously with the association managing the results and the gallery, they enabled a facility for me to 'get in to it' and make changes/updates where I think fit or where new information is required. Needless to say, my lack of any indepth knowledge of these systems has lead to a few phoo-pahs over the years, all of which one or the other of them fixes for me,

Anyway back to here, My Blog!

'Blog' what a name, never mind lets see where it takes us from here on in.

(Below is/was my one page on this web site, now converted into a Blog post so history is preserved.)

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