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A New year ...

Well that's the first month of 2017 gone already! How quick was that?
February's woe's well, car has had its MOT, rear brake discs apparently aren't acceptable when under 1.5mm thick, so a new set of rear pads and new disks too, as the originals were deteriorating from the outside inwards. Says a lot that they still worked with such high efficiency. Oh and the Road Tax was due as well, not what one would call a cheap month, car wise.
A little relief on the vehicle front till May when both the Motorhome and the Pan Eu are due their respective MOT's.

I enjoyed my trip to Eire last weekend, caught up with past friends on the FISLY Council, we even managed to complete the agenda in one long day on the Saturday. Not that the trip started off well with me forgetting to lift my mobile phone before leaving home on the Friday evening and not discovering it till I was air-side of Security at the Airport. Never mind I managed to overcome that misfortune and enjoyed the rest of the trip.
If I haven't moaned personally to you, have you ever tried to find such a thing as a pay phone? A wee tip, don't bother they no longer seem to exist as I found to my detriment last Friday, a very pleasant princess in shining armour, in the form of one of Glasgow's finest WPC's came to my rescue and allowed me the opportunity, with the use of her phone, to at least let the wife know, contact would be difficult for my weekend away.

This month tends to be a bit of a quiet one generally, more so when I'm still slithering around on the scrapheap. The various tasks that have kept me 'busy' for the past 10 months are slowly coming to an end so I'll need to either invent some more or succumb to the issue of my garage, once the weather improves though, even with its insulated roof, it's still friggin freezing out there!
Well if anything startling comes along, I'll keep this posted, if not catch up with you all in another month or so.

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