Hello and welcome!

(to the big orange :-s)

Please bare with me as I try to make these old fingers press the correct buttons to create a web site for ME! With two sons that seem to use these modern fangled things as an extension to there arms I'm getting left way behind and intend to at least bring myself up to a level where I might not be equal to them but at least have a basic knowledge of what they are achieving with all the fancy bits added.

My passion these days has moved off at a slight tangent from my lifetime hobby of motorcycling and moved into a more enviromentaly friendly aspect utilising the power of the wind to give the exhilaration of acceleration and speed to trigger the adrenalin and give a bit of a buzz.

Its known as kite buggying or by the more sophisticated name of parakarting. Basically its a three wheeled contraption that you park your backside in, a couple of inches from the ground and use a Power Kite to pull you along. Steering is effected by your feet on footpegs either side of the front wheel and brakes are controlled by the position of the kite in relation to your direction of travel.

Buggy Pics

Buggy Rack